Osseoguard / Osseoguard Flex

OsseoGuard® & OsseoGuard Flex® Membrane
Easy To Use For Site Protection And Clinically Manageable
Choose between two levels of drapability for ease of use in various clinical procedures.
Today, clinicians are treating an increased number of patients using Guided Bone Regeneration (GBR) in conjunction with implant therapy, which has led to an increased use of resorbable membranes. In addition to providing graft material containment and a barrier to soft-tissue cell invasion, studies have shown that using a membrane in most GBR procedures can positively affect the outcome of those procedures.1,2 Cases in which a membrane was used, have been linked to higher implant survival rates, as well as an increased percentage of vital bone formation in sinus grafts when compared to sinuses grafted without a membrane.1,2

In response to the growing need for a resorbable collagen membrane, Zimmer Biomet Dental offers OsseoGuard and OsseoGuard Flex Membranes for site protection. Clinicians have the opportunity to select a membrane based on their particular handling characteristic preferences. If a clinician prefers a membrane that has more space maintenance capability, OsseoGuard may be the membrane of choice. On the other hand, if a clinician prefers a membrane that has less memory and therefore a higher degree of conformance to a defect, OsseoGuard Flex may be the membrane of choice.
These membranes can be trimmed and placed dry or hydrated, and do not require side-specific placement. These membranes also have a pore size that allows them to be occlusive to gingival and epithelial cells, while still permeable to essential nutrients.
OsseoGuard and OsseoGuard Flex Membranes provide predictability, aesthetic soft-tissue healing, long resorption profiles and ease of use.